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Web Based Cron - Set Cron Jobs Online (Web Based Cron Hosting)
Web Based Cron (Web Based Online Task Scheduler)
Disclaimer / Terms of Use
WebBasedCron is an online cron scheduling service. The current price for the base account is $24.95 per year and is subject to change with prior notice. Once payment is made, the user locks in the current price, for a period of one year from the date of payment. There are no refunds of payment. With the base account ($24.95/year) the user is entitled to schedule five cron jobs through the cron scheduling center available on WebBasedCron. The current execution time of a cron job is 60 seconds and is also subject to change with appropriate notice.

Under no circumstances can any person re-sell or give away any service from their WebBasedCron account. Doing so will result in immediate termination of the members account with no refund.

Though we make every effort to ensuring that WebBasedCron never goes down, we offer no guarantee to this. WebBasedCron will not be liable for any cron job set on our website. Furthermore, in the event an illegal or malicious cron job is set, we reserve the right to discontinue the cron job and the associated account. Please submit all further questions by filling out the form here.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is paramount. No personal information, email, etc. will ever be released to any third party. In the event that federal authorities request information we have no choice but to co-operate with their requests. Only for critical events such as your cron job being turned off will you ever be emailed. Please submit all further questions by filling out the form here.

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